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How Does Medicaid Work for You?

The Arc is collecting stories to learn how Medicaid is working (or not!) for people with disabilities, so we can work together to educate and advocate for changes.

Sharing your story is voluntary. Learn more about The Arc’s Story Sharing Rules and how your story may be used publicly including but not limited to social media, shared with legislators, and more here.

Share your story by answering the question “How does Medicaid work (or not!) for me?”

You could also answer one of these questions:

  • What services do you or your family get from Medicaid? How does Medicaid help you?
  • Have you ever lost access to Medicaid or had trouble qualifying? What happened?
  • Have you had trouble finding staff to fill hours or losing staff? Tell us about it.
  • How long have you been waiting for Medicaid services? What does life look like while you are waiting?

Tips and tricks to record your video:

  • “Medicaid works for me because…”
  • Practice what you want to say before filming.
  • Make sure there is good lighting and minimal background noise when recording.
  • You can re-record the video as many times as you would like.
  • Please keep your story between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

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